Electronic Monitoring Unit

The Electronic Monitoring Unit of Adult Probation and Parole Services is responsible for the court-ordered supervision of individuals under probation / parole using electronic monitoring devices.


Electronic Monitoring Qualifications

  • Client must have a legal right to reside at the home, either through lease agreement or ownership. If the client does not possess this qualification, he/she must have permission from the owner / lessee to reside there.
  • The residence must have electricity, running water and all other facilities necessary to meet health and safety standards.
  • The residence must also be free of all alcohol, drugs, and weapons.

Electronic Monitoring Eligibility Form

Cost of Electronic Monitoring

Type of Monitor Cost 
GPS – Active electronic monitoring
 $10 / day
GPS – Passive electronic monitoring
 $10 / day
House Arrest with Electronic Monitoring (no phone line required)
 $10 / day
SCRAM (Alcohol Monitoring)
 $10 / day


Electronic Monitoring Window Guidelines


Windows are an authorized absence from the home defined by a scheduled departure and return time for a specific purpose as approved by the supervising officer.

  • Windows are open only for work schedules, religious services, medical appointments, and legal obligations.
  • Windows must be submitted the Wednesday prior to the following week.