Office of Supervision Services

One of two offices in Adult Probation & Parole Services, the Office of Supervision Services provides supervision of adult offenders placed on probation and/or parole supervision by order of the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County.


The office is comprised of two divisions:  the General Supervision Division and the Special Supervision Division.

General Supervision Division

  • Central Intake Unit
  • Low Risk Unit
  • Medium/High Risk Units
  • Pre-Parole Unit

Special Supervision Division

  • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Unit
  • Assessment Unit
  • Criminal Justice Planner/Treatment Liaison
  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • Drug Court
  • Electronic Monitoring Unit
  • Mental Health Court
  • Mental Health/Intellectually Disabled Unit
  • Sex Offender Unit
  • Transfer Unit
  • Veterans Court
Each division is responsible for the duties and responsibilities of the various type of services during the course of supervision.