Can I participate in the conference / hearing by telephone?
Rule 1930.3 of the PA Rules of Civil Procedure allows a party to participate in a domestic relations proceeding by telephone, audiovisual or other electronic means “with the approval of the court upon good cause shown.” The intent of this rule is to make it possible for a party to provide information and hear information presented by the other party during support conferences or hearings when attending in person would be a hardship.

To request the approval of the court, the party who wants to participate by telephone should complete and submit the Telephone Testimony Request Form to domestic relations as soon as the notice to appear is received, but at least three business days prior to the scheduled conference or hearing.

If a request for telephone testimony is approved by the court, both parties in the support action will be notified. The party who is participating by telephone is responsible to mail or fax copies of all required information (such as pay stubs, tax returns, income / expense sheets, etc.) prior to the scheduled conference or hearing.

A party who participates in a conference or hearing by telephone is expected to conduct themselves in the same manner as if they were presented in the conference room or courtroom and must be available without interruption throughout the entire proceeding.

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