What is support?
Support is usually defined as money given by a person to help provide necessities for his/her dependents including food, clothing, shelter, transportation etc. Under Pennsylvania law, a dependent could include children and/or a spouse. In addition to money, support can also include medical support, which may include providing health insurance coverage and/or payment of medical bills which are not paid by insurance. Support can also include a contribution to childcare costs.

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1. What is support?
2. How do I start a support action in DRS?
3. What do I bring with me when I want to open a support case?
4. What happens during a support conference?
5. What is a recommended order?
6. Can a support order be modified?
7. How are payments made under a support order?
8. What fees are charged?
9. What services are available to the plaintiff / obligee?
10. What services are available to the defendant / obligor?
11. What if the defendant / obligor does not live in Lancaster County?
12. How do I contact Lancaster County Domestic Relations?
13. Do you have interpreters available?
14. Can I participate in the conference / hearing by telephone?
15. How Do I get certification of overdue support obligations?
16. I receive support, how do I close my case?