What is a Judgment?
Pursuant to 42 PA. C.S.A. 9728 (b), all defendants who have been convicted at the Court of Common Pleas level and subsequently owe more than a $1,000 in fines, costs, or restitution, will receive a civil judgment. The Clerk of Courts Office is required to file a civil judgment upon the defendant. This is filed in the Lancaster County Prothontary’s Office. Judgments must be filed regardless if there is a payment plan or if payments are being received. Judgments may only be satisfied upon payment in full. For further information, please contact the Collections Enforcement Unit at 717-824-8539.

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1. How do I find out how much I owe in fines, court costs, and restitution?
2. Why do I have to pay fines, court costs, and restitution?
3. How do I make payments on my balance?
4. When should I begin to make payments?
5. What will happen if I do not make payments as directed?
6. If I am in jail, what happens to the payment plan?
7. What if I move or change employment?
8. If I am unable to comply with my payment plan due to medical reasons, what should I do?
9. What is an Administrative fee?
10. What is a Supervision fee?
11. If I am ordered to receive court ordered restitution but have not been receiving it, who do I contact?
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13. What is a Judgment?
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